Marqués de Valdueza Artisanal Raw Honeys in Four Unique Flavors

Marqués de Valdueza Artisanal Raw Honeys in Four Unique flavors… Any combination make a special holiday gift!

Since 1624, beekeeping has been an important part of crop pollination at Marqués de Valdueza “MdV” and has been a vital part of the Spanish estate’s operations. By now, you are familiar with their olive oil (Marqués de Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Merula Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and Red Wine Vinegar – and now we are excited to be sharing their exceptional artisanal raw honey outside the realm of their estates.

Because the honey collection process at MdV does not yield high volumes–and their intention was never to make tremendous quantities– they have chosen only a few select importers worldwide. At Rogers Collection, we are proud to add MdV honey varietals to our portfolio as their U.S. importer!

(And because the suspense is too much, I’ll tell you the four flavors now with more details to come further down the page: Orange Blossom;  Heather; Holm Oak; and, Wildflower).

This is a wonderfully big deal! For the first time in nearly 400 years, the public has a special opportunity to try this exceptional honey that is rich in history and flavor, not to mention a ton of health benefits, too. Which I will get too soon.  So much good stuff to share!

Let’s start with the process. It’s pretty simple–as so many delicious foods are.

The honey combs are placed in a centrifuge. This rapid spinning extracts the raw honey which is then collected and packaged. Yup, that’s it! The end product is delectable raw honey.

So then, what makes this raw honey unique? Let’s start with a little backstory.

The current beekeeper hails from the family who has been working the Marques’ estate for the last three generations. Marques owns a total of four eco-friendly properties in Spain from which they harvest honey. Keeping bees on the estates to pollinate the crops is an important part of the long agricultural family tradition of Marqués de Valdueza, and of the rise of agriculture in general. Crops need bees to pollinate. Bees need crops to make honey. This symbiotic relationship is key in the balance of the estate, and the bees at MdV estates are pampered in order to keep this balance in place.

It is known that bees travel no more than three kilometers from their hive, so the MdV beekeeper is assured the honey is sourced from their contamination-free properties. MdV has followed organic agricultural practices for hundreds of years which ensures both the quality of the honey and the health of the bees.

And what about those bees? Aren’t we in a global bee population crisis? Yes, we are, but again, the environmentally-sensitive practices of MdV make for lots of happy bees and tasty honey.

Let’s talk about that tasty honey.

The Orange Blossom from Seville oranges in Badajoz holds intense citrus notes and a light amber hue. Perfect paired with cheese, fowl and game.

The Wildflower comes from landholdings near Trujillo, Caceres. The floral notes depend on the dominant flowers of any given production year. It has a clear amber color. Try it with fruit salads, fish and meats.

The Heather honey also hails from the Trujillo area. This intensely floral honey has sweetness with hints of salty, bitter notes. It is light amber in color, with reddish hues. It shines when paired with soft cheeses, yogurts and mild meats.

Holm Oak  is a spectacular and very rare honey that comes from the same Ávila oaks that feed the Marqués’ Iberian pigs. It is produced by honey bees from the melata that oozes out of the oak’s acorns. The flavor is floral with malted and toasty tones and hints of sweet and salty. This gem goes great with meats, dried nuts, cured cheeses and spiced roasts.

So, we know the sweet, viscous liquid is delicious, but what makes it healthy? 

Ok, I can’t list everything here because it would take too long, but there A LOT of healthy things in MdV honey including, but not limited to: calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, about half of the existing amino acids, B-Complex, C, D, and E vitamins, and a good variety of antioxidants including phenolic and flavonoids.

And the health benefits of all these components are off the charts! Here are a handful: blood sugar control, metabolic stress reduction, promotes skin health, and minimizes allergies.

Rogers Collection is honored to be one of the select few companies chosen to offer these rare and special honeys. They make a great staple in any pantry all the time, but especially during this holiday season, just in time for roasted meat dinners and cheese plates.


Written by Leska Tomash