Raw Artisan Honeys

Producer: Marqués de Valdueza Origin: Extremadura, Spain

From his various estates, the Marquis de Valdueza has decided to share four distinctly different products for the honey-lover’s delight. Since 1624, the landholdings of the Marquis de Valdueza have produced some of Spain’s finest honeys. Acutely sensitive to the environment, the Marquis’ family produces a honey easy on the digestion that has been used for centuries as a basic ingredient in the healthy, Mediterranean diet. Since a bee travels no more than about 3 km from its hive, the beekeepers know the honey is sourced from the Marquis’ properties.

Flavor Profile

Orange Blossom from Seville oranges in Badajoz: Very light amber with yellow hues. Floral with citric notes, intense and persistent. Liquid feel with slow crystalization forming the fine crystals. 

Wildflower from landholdings near Trujillo, Cáceres: Clear amber color. Floral with a variety of notes depending on the flowers dominant in a given year. Liquid feel with varying crystallization depending on the flowers in the mix. 

Heather from landholdings near Trujillo, Cáceres: Light amber color with reddish hues. Intensely floral and persistent. Sweet taste with bitter and salty notes. Liquid feel with variable crystallization. 

Holm Oak from Ávila oaks that feed the Marquis’ Iberian pigs: Amber to dark amber color. Floral with malted and toasty tones, intense and persistent. Sweet with salty notes. Very viscous liquid feel with a very slow to non-existent crystallization.

Recommended Uses

For a simple preparation, spread any one of these varietals on toasted break with EVOO.

Orange Blossom:  Ideal with game, fowl, and cheese.

Wildflower:  Pair with fruit salads, fish, and meats.

Heather:  A superb accompaniment to yogurt, soft fresh cheese, and mild meats.

Holm Oak:  Ideal to pair with meats, dried nuts, cured cheese, and spiced roasts.

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Item No.SizePackWeight
Heather/MV0019 oz6 jars/case6 lb
Holm Oak/MV0029 oz6 jars/case6 lb
Orange Blossom/MV0039 oz6 jars/case6 lb
Wild Flower/MV0049 oz6 jars/case6 lb