Halen Mon Smoked Water

You know Halen Mon‘s carefully hand harvested culinary salts. But have you tried their new addition to the food and beverage scene?

Smoked water!

This inventive new product is not for quenching thirst, but rather for adding the perfect amount of smoke to flavor culinary dishes and cocktails.

Water is filtered and “smoked” in Anglesey, Wales. Producing the water is a 10-day process which involves filtering it through oak chips and dust. The result is an amber colored liquid with a smoky aroma. Use it in risottos, soups and stocks, dressings and marinades, or even in cocktails as a finishing touch or frozen as ice!

What do people have to say about this trend?

“Smoked water from Wales is taking the culinary world by storm.” – Food & Wine Magazine

“A small but influential group of top chefs are using smoked water as a key ingredient.” – Bloomberg

Halen Mon themselves says, “Our oak smoked water is 100% natural and used by everyone from ready meal makers to Michelin starred restaurants.” 

We decided to try smoked water out in a cocktail (see right). Check out the recipe here.

Click here to learn more about Halen Mon or watch the video below!

Rogers offers smoked water for wholesale in two sizes:
Halen Mon Smoked Water 1 L
Halen Mon Smoked Water 100 ml

Written by Tess Dunlap