Oak Smoked Water

Producer: Halen Môn Origin: Wales, Isle of Anglesey

Those same Welsh oak chips used to make Halen Môn Smoked Sea Salt are used here to create smoked water! This Oak Smoked Water has been doing a roaring trade since its launch in 2013. It is exactly what it says on the bottle—water and smoke—and smoking takes place in Halen Môn’s smokers on site over a period of four days. The water is naturally smoked without additives, making it a better choice than traditional liquid smoke. 

Recommended Uses

Add to soups and casseroles for a rich, smoky depth or be more adventurous and freeze into ice cubes for cocktails (or a dash in a whiskey to expand qualities of the malt). Makes an exquisite risotto.

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  • Oak Smoked Water Image
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Certified: PDO, B-Corp, and Kosher

Item No.SizePackWeightUPC
HM0301 L18/case27 lb5037158001509
HM035100ml15/case5.2 lbn/a


Water and smoke from oak chippings

2018 ‘Best Ingredient’ World Food Innovation Awards