Bee Raw Honey

Producer: Bee Raw Origin: United States

These wonderful honey varieties are each made from a single flower. Bee Raw has been working with eight individual beekeepers, from eight different states, since 1999.

Bee Raw is completely pure, unfiltered and unprocessed. Each variety has unique aroma because it is harvested from the nectar of a single floral source.

Bee Raw Honey Image
Item No.SizePackWeightUPC
RBH001Maine Blueberry6x10.5oz7lbs856599001009
RBH002Washington Buckwheat6x10.5oz7lbs856599001016
RBH003Colorado Yellow Clover6x10.5oz7lbs856599001023
RBH004Florida Orange Blossom6x10.5oz7lbs856599001030
RBH005Maine Wild Raspberry6x10.5oz7lbs856599001047
RBH006California Sage6x10.5oz7lbs856599001047
RBH008Colorado Star Thistle6x10.5oz7lbs856599001078
RBH009North Carolina Sourwood6x10.5oz7lbs856599001085
RBH010Wisconsin Cranberry6x10.5oz7lbs856599001092
RBH011New York Basswood6x10.5oz7lbs856599001139
RBH012New York Aster6x10.5oz7lbs856599001160
RBH013Oregon Meadowfoam6x10.5oz7lbs856599001177
RBH014Oregon Maple6x10.5oz7lbs856599001252