Famous Five Gift Set

Producer: Halen Môn Origin: Wales, Isle of Anglesey

Halen Môn’s five best-selling sea salt varieties in the perfect gift size! Each variety comes in a 5g tube for easy use and storage. Contains: Pure Sea Salt, Pure Sea Salt Smoked over Oak, Pure Sea Salt with Celery Seeds, Pure Sea Salt with Roasted Garlic, and Pure Sea Salt with Chilli & Garlic. Each is ideal as a cooking ingredient and as the perfect finishing touch at the table.

The Halen Môn story began with a bubbling pan of seawater on an aga in a family kitchen in North Wales, UK. The company has long since moved production out of the kitchen but salt is still harvested by hand from the sparkling seas around the Isle of Anglesey. Their Seawater Farm is a unique environment. Water passes through two natural filters (a mussel bed and a sandbank) and then is charcoal filtered to obtain the purest product. The resulting salt is crunchy and crisp with a clean ocean taste.

Recommended Uses

Pure Sea Salt in a fresh tomato salad

Pure sea salt Smoked over Oak complements buttered new potatoes or scrambled eggs

Pure Sea salt with Celery Seeds is perfect in a Bloody Mary

Pure Sea Salt with ROasted Garlic adds flavor to mashed potatos or mussels

Pure Sea Salt with Chilli and Garlic is lovely on sweet potato wedges or stir fried spring greens

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