Granato Whole Grain Rice

Producer: Cascina Oschiena Origin: Piedmont, Italy

Granato (“garnet” in Italian) is a new unique red rice on the market, and Cascina Oschiena is only one of a few farms cultivating it. Granato is an aromatic whole-grain variety of rice with red grains and a delicate aroma. It is high in antioxidants, protein, fiber, and minerals. Granato’s health benefits, organoleptic properties, and versatility in the kitchen makes it a great choice for cooking rice. It is excellent combined with vegetables, meat, fish, and cheese appetizers – or seasoned alone with herbs and olive oil! Granato has a short growing cycle and that allows Cascina Oschiena to plant other grains after it in a practice of crop rotation, which improves soil health.

Flavor Profile

delicate and aromatic 

How to Prepare

Cooking time is 30-35 minutes with a 1:2.5 ratio of water.

Recommended Uses

Great for appetizers with cheese, or with vegetables and meat

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Certified: Friend of the Earth

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CO80001 kg12/case26 lb
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Granato rice