Pure Sea Salt Smoked over Welsh Oak

Producer: Halen Môn Origin: Wales, United Kingdom

Slowly smoked over Welsh oak chippings to change the brilliant white crystals of Halen Mon™ into soft toffee-colored flakes. It is crunchy and crisp, yet soft enough to crumble with your fingers.

Flavor Profile

This salt is infused with a rich smoky taste and aroma redolent of bonfires in the fall.

Recommended Uses

Use it to finish eggs, simple dishes like grilled chicken, fish and oysters. Or add to chocolate and caramel desserts for a deliciously quirky twist.

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Certified: PDO

Item No.SizePackWeightUPC
HM600100g Pouch10/case3 lb5037158000137
HM6505KG1/case11 lb5037158000540


Pure Halen Mon™ Sea Salt and smoke from Welsh oak chippings

Gold Great Taste Award
Gold True Taste Award
Silver NASFT Award