Pure White Sea Salt

Producer: Halen Môn Origin: Wales, Isle of Anglesey

Soft enough to crumble between your fingers yet structured enough to hold its shape on hot dishes, these dazzling white sea salt flakes are the perfect finish for all dishes. No additives or non-caking agents are added. The flakes are crunchy and crispy. Add to anything!

Flavor Profile

Crunchy and crisp with a clean ocean taste.

Recommended Uses

Halen Môn Pure White Sea Salt is ideal as a cooking ingredient and as the perfect finishing touch at the table.

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Certified: PDO, B-Corp, and Kosher

Item No.SizePackWeightUPC
HM100100g Pouch10/case3 lb5037158000113
HM1401KG1/case2.2 lb5037158000458
HM1505KG1/case11 lb5037158000465


Pure Halen Môn Sea Salt

2021, One Star, Great Taste Award, Guild of Fine Foods
2013, Gold, Great Taste Award, Guild of Fine Foods
Outstanding Product, European Chef’s Alliance Feria de Gastronomia
Awarded Protected Designation of Origin status by the European Union