Manchego Artesano DO, 12 month

Producer: Pasamontes Origin: Castilla la Mancha, Spain

If you are used to flavorless, pasteurized Manchego, often found throughout the United States, you are in for a treat!  Pasamontes Manchego is on another level of complexity with a long-lingering finish, and noticeable depth that set this producer and their methods apart from the rest. 


sheep (raw)

; Aged:

12 months

; Breed:


; Rind Style:

edible film, made from a natural fatty acid

; Milk Source:

from five local naturally shepherded flocks

Flavor Profile

Aroma: wool

Texture: fatty

Flavor: barn hay, allspice

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Certified: DOP*

Item No.SizePackWeight
450536 lb2/case13 lb


Sheep milk (raw), salt, animal rennet

2020, 2012, Gold, DOP Manchego Artisan Semicured, Premio Gran Sileccion publication

2016/17, Gold, Premio Gran Sileccion, Alimentas Castilla – La Mancha