Producer: Pasamontes Origin: Castilla la Mancha, Spain

Romero is made with sheep’s milk and cured with Manchego rosemary leaves for at least six months. It offers an irresistible flavor with a rosemary aroma that makes it unique and original. The rosemary is collected in the mountains of La Mancha, which gives it an unbeatable class and distinction. In addition, it is an ideal complement with pecorino cheese. They use raw milk in order to preserve the subtle and delicate flavors of the milk from the Manchego sheep. 

Flavor Profile

warm and complex with rosemary notes

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450555.5 lbs.2 x 5.5 lbs.11 lbs.


Raw Manchego sheep’s milk, rosemary leaves, calf rennet, ferments, calcium chloride, lysozyme (derived from egg), lard on the rind, salt.