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Gualtaminos Cooperative is made of producer members with small landholdings who grow and process three kinds of Spanish paprika: dulce (sweet), agridulce (bittersweet), and picante (hot) in the valley of La Vera in Extremadura, Spain. Established in 1984, Gualtaminos takes its name from the Gualtaminos gorge, one of the two natural gorges in the area.…

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Marqués de Valdueza

The Marqués family has produced some of the world’s finest olive oils on the Perales de Valdueza estate for over half a century. The estate’s land has an unbroken tradition of olive oil production dating over two thousand years back in time.

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Finca Pascualete

A cheesemaking history so remarkable you couldn’t make it up: a Spanish Count falls in love with an American CIA agent. They marry and preserve the local artisanal cheesemaking traditions by launching their own business. The sheep at Finca Pascualete roam freely and are treated to a luxury feed (their own granola) that is ground for…