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Romero is made with sheep’s milk and cured with Manchego rosemary leaves for at least six months. It offers an irresistible flavor with a rosemary aroma that makes it unique and original. The rosemary is collected in the mountains of La Mancha, which gives it an unbeatable class and distinction. In addition, it is an…

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Fusio is a unique pasteurized blue cheese made from 50% buffalo milk and 50% Alpinas goat milk from Bauma’s herds—a fusion of milk. It is aged 6 to 8 months with wild, free-forming Penicilium Roquefort which enters the cheese randomly and is not injected. The cheese begins with a fresh and lactic taste and a…

Original Image


Moncedillo Original is drained, rather than pressed, which creates a semi-soft paste. After coagulation, the curds are gently ladled into traditional basket molds and left to self-drain, and turned frequently in the first few hours as it takes on the basket pattern for its striking rind. The cheese’s aroma contains notes of sweet grasses and…

Red Image


Moncedillo Red has a semi-soft paste and a rind that is dusted with bittersweet Pimentón de La Vera around day four of the production process. Pimentón de La Vera imparts a gentle smoke into the paste and a beautiful hue on the rind. The flavor is sweet with fruit notes and balanced salt and the…

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The milk for Moncedillo Madurado, a hard, pressed cheese, is sourced exclusively from a local cooperative with a single sheep breed which is 85 percent Churra (an ancient Iberian breed native to Castile and Leon) and 15 percent Assaf. The cheese’s paste is ivory colored and its aroma is a complex array of forest mushrooms…

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A small cheese and yogurt factory located in the northeast of Segovia, Moncedillo exclusively uses artisanal sheep’s milk sourced from a unique family farm, with splendid health ratings for livestock and milk quality. The milk comes from a single livestock breed that is 85 percent Churra (an ancient Iberian breed native to Castile and León)…

Pedro Ximénez Wine Vinegar Image

Pedro Ximénez Wine Vinegar

The high sugar content of the white Spanish grape, Pedro Ximénez, balanced by the vinegar’s acidity, yields a dense, rich finishing or “sipping” vinegar that can also be a “sweet & sour” addition to salads, meats, and soups. Made in the time-honored tradition of solera aging through a series of barrels called criaderas. When the…

La Cabezuela Lingote Cremoso Image

La Cabezuela Lingote Cremoso

This is a funky and creamy Spanish goat’s milk cheese, soft in its aroma and delicate in the mouth. The goats’ diet of acorns, thyme, and heather from natural pastures imparts a unique flavor. It has an edible rind, and it is recommended to be eaten with jam, toast, or alone!  

La Cabezuela Roy Image

La Cabezuela Roy

An homage to buttery English cows’ milk cheddars, Roy is named after a Galician cheesemonger who introduced the cheesemaker Juan Luis to the celebrated cheddar producers in Lincolnshire and Devonshire Counties, where he learned the traditional “cheddaring” techniques for making authentic English-style cheddars. Made using milk from the Guadarrama goats, this cheese ages for a…

La Cabezuela Roy Cheddar Image

La Cabezuela Roy Cheddar

An homage to the buttery cow’s milk English cheddars. Roy is named after a Galician cheesemonger who introduced La Cabezuela to the celebrated cheddar producers of Lincolnshire and Devonshire counties.