So healthy the benefits have been certified!

Biolea Greek olive oil earns EU Certification for high levels of polyphenols—meaning great taste and great for you!

One of our earlier blogs titled “Greek Superfoods” highlighted—you guessed it—Greek foods that are indeed super, on many counts. One item on the list was the Greek olive oil Biolea (pronounced Bee-oh-lay-ah) for its excellence in artisanal process and production, environmental sustainability, health benefits, and, of course, flavor. More on that later.

But first…After much anticipation (and some logistical congestion) Biolea’s new harvest is finally here!

We have carried this amazing olive oil in our catalogue since 2010, but this is the first harvest for us since Biolea received the highly coveted certification for high levels of polyphenols from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). This certification requires products to meet rigorous standards and extremely specific qualifications. EFSA is an agency of the European Union (EU) “that provides independent scientific advice and communication on existing and emerging risks associated with the food chain.” And EFSA is also “responsible for verifying the scientific substantiation of…health claims” (

So, to receive an approved health claim of polyphenols in olive oil from EFSA is kind of a big deal. Not to mention all the hard work and integrity that goes into producing an olive oil that retains these blessed, healthy little compounds called polyphenols.

What exactly are polyphenols and why are they important?

Polyphenols are compounds in olive oil that, when consumed, according to EFSA, contribute “to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” and “to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels” (  

Ok, so now that we got that squared away, how about just a little back story on Biolea? They are a pretty cutting edge, innovative, family-run business that blends tradition with contemporary and environmentally-sound business practices.

In the mid-1800s, the estate on which Biolea now resides was acquired by the Dimitriadis family. Perched on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, the breathtaking estate is nestled in the rocky hills and lush fields of Astrikas, Kolymbari on North-western Crete, Greece. In 1997, the 5th generation of the family, George Dimitriadis, and his wife Christine, founded Biolea.

Although George still oversees technical production in their mill, the torch has been passed to their daughter, Chloe, who runs the estate.

Ok, so how about the flavor. The result of the love and labor that goes into the cultivation and processing is a mild oil with delicate fruitiness and a rich, nutty finish. What’s the best way to eat it? Pretty much any way. George Dimitriadis says it is a myth that Greek olive oils are characteristically heavy: “Cretan people, they like their olive oil to be mild because we eat much of it.”

So while olive oil has been a nutritional staple in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years, the production and use of olive oil has evolved over time, emerging in to a competitive global market. More competition means consumer demands increase for taste, quality and health benefits. The EFSA certification for Biolea means you know you are getting a top quality, optimally healthy, delicious olive oil—which is a tall order in such a saturated market.

Biolea olive oil has it all—sustainable practices, organic certification, family-run, stone-milled, cold-pressed—and now it has the official certification to rank it among the healthiest—and tastiest—olive oils out there.

Written by Leska Tomash

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