Finer Flake Pure White Sea Salt Image

Finer Flake Pure White Sea Salt

A finely ground version of Halen Môn’s Pure Sea Salt. Dazzling white flakes with versatility. The Pure Sea Salt is passed through a sieve to capture these finer flakes retaining the intense, clean flavor of the larger flakes but with less of the crunch. Pouch is resealable.

Famous Five Gift Set Image

Famous Five Gift Set

Halen Môn’s five best-selling sea salt varieties in the perfect gift size! Each variety comes in a 5g tube for easy use and storage. Contains: Pure Sea Salt, Pure Sea Salt Smoked over Oak, Pure Sea Salt with Celery Seeds, Pure Sea Salt with Roasted Garlic, and Pure Sea Salt with Chilli & Garlic. Each is ideal as a cooking ingredient…

Oak Smoked Water Image

Oak Smoked Water

Those same Welsh oak chips used to make Halen Môn Smoked Sea Salt are used here to create smoked water! This Oak Smoked Water has been doing a roaring trade since its launch in 2013. It is exactly what it says on the bottle—water and smoke—and smoking takes place in Halen Môn’s smokers on site…

Halen Môn Image

Halen Môn

The Halen Môn story began with a bubbling pan of seawater and led to the distinguished Protected Designation of Origin status for their exceptional sea salt. The waters surrounding Anglesey island are on the Gulf Stream, with no industry or nearby cities. and mussel beds provide a natural filter. The large area tides turn over…