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Fusio is a unique pasteurized blue cheese made from 50% buffalo milk and 50% Alpinas goat milk from Bauma’s herds—a fusion of milk. It is aged 6 to 8 months with wild, free-forming Penicilium Roquefort which enters the cheese randomly and is not injected. The cheese begins with a fresh and lactic taste and a…

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The pleasing, velvety one-of-a-kind rind and the fresh, tangy, herbaceous paste make Garrotxa a must-have in the case. Great for cheese lovers who haven’t ventured much past chevre when it comes to goat’s milk varieties.

Sant Mateu (Pau) Image

Sant Mateu (Pau)

Quixart’s Pau is a Sant Mateu cheese, which means it is a pasteurized goat’s milk cheese of orange color due to the unique rind. His milk comes only from his own herd and the area’s natural flora comprises much of the goats’ diet and imparts a unique savory flavor to his cheese. He ages it…