Monnalisa Pecorone Image

Monnalisa Pecorone

Meaning “Big Pecorino,” this cheese is a fresh and tasty sheep’s milk made using traditional methods and aged for a year. Pecorone is firm and almost resembles a cheddar in texture, with a fruity sweetness on the palate, and a slightly bitter spiciness at the finish!

MonnaLisa Fiorita Image

MonnaLisa Fiorita

A soft Pecorino cheese made with sheep milk, MonnaLisa Fiorita (meaning “flourish” or “flower”) is named for the edible flourishing rind of this type of cheese. This is part of a Piedmont tradition that makes a milder version of the Tuscan sheep’s milk white mold rind. For Fiorita, the rennet is added to the milk,…

MonnaLisa Grottino Image

MonnaLisa Grottino

Roughly 60 days after processing, SALCIS selects the best cheeses and moves them into natural caves of rock and tuff (a rock made up of volcanic ash). The cheese rinds are coated with flaxseed oil and hay for protection, and set to rest on pine wood shelves. Each cheese is monitored and turned at least…

MonnaLisa Foglie di Noce Image

MonnaLisa Foglie di Noce

Aging cheese in walnut leaves is in keeping with the tradition of the Siena area’s forefathers who used this method to preserve Pecorino during the warm months. The protection offered by the leaves allows the cheese to age slowly, taking on strong and antique flavor characteristics that are long forgotten among other Pecorinos. Serve with…

MonnaLisa Trebbione Image

MonnaLisa Trebbione

The flavor of this raw sheep’s milk cheese changes during the year according to the pasture-land and the sheeps’ diet. It is characterized by a strong personality with a hay-colored rind, and is covered in hay as it matures. This cheese is not heated or pasteurized, thereby maintaining many characteristics of the sheep’s milk. Production…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Image

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fruity, elegant and harmonious, yet showing verve and character, this oil springs from the slopes of Ama, in the Chianti Classico zone. The orchard is maintained by hand and the olives are hand-picked, so as not to damage the trees. Only a few hours pass between harvest and the start of the oil processing, which…

Pecorino Tuada Image

Pecorino Tuada

An older Tuscan Pecorino, Tuada (Italian for “cellar”) bridges the gap between the younger Tuscan Pecorinos and the more aged Roman-style Pecorino Romano. Fabulous when shaved over salads and adds serious depth when grated over pasta.