La Cabezuela Lingote Cremoso Image

La Cabezuela Lingote Cremoso

This is a funky and creamy Spanish goat’s milk cheese, soft in its aroma and delicate in the mouth. The goats’ diet of acorns, thyme, and heather from natural pastures imparts a unique flavor. It has an edible rind, and it is recommended to be eaten with jam, toast, or alone!  

La Cabezuela Roy Image

La Cabezuela Roy

An homage to buttery English cows’ milk cheddars, Roy is named after a Galician cheesemonger who introduced the cheesemaker Juan Luis to the celebrated cheddar producers in Lincolnshire and Devonshire Counties, where he learned the traditional “cheddaring” techniques for making authentic English-style cheddars. Made using milk from the Guadarrama goats, this cheese ages for a…

La Cabezuela Tradicional Semi Curado Image

La Cabezuela Tradicional Semi Curado

Delicate hand-salting allows for the flavor expression of the fresh goat milk with grassy and herbal notes. This cheese traces its lineage back to 1750 when it was a family farm cheese. It is catalogued in the Ministry of Agriculture list of Traditional Cheeses. During the two months of maturation, a natural mold develops, resulting…