White Balsamic Image

White Balsamic

Produced by the Cattani family, this vinegar is made using sweet must from the family’s own organically grown white grapes. The secret to their vinegar is using only the highest quality grapes (Trebbiano) and adhering to the family’s strong commitment against using additives of any kind. The richly perfumed must is not cooked but rather…

Balsamic Vecchio Image

Balsamic Vecchio

From a 5th generation family producer, this 12 year-old balsamic is made using traditional techniques of aging in wooden barrels. Each numbered bottle has a red foil-wrapped neck on which one finds the Consorzio Seal of Guarantee. This product is D.O.P. and D.O.C. certified.

Balsamic Extravecchio Image

Balsamic Extravecchio

From a 5th generation family producer, this 25 year-old balsamic is dense, full flavored, and highly fragrant. Each numbered bottle has a gold foil neck on which one can find the Consorzio Seal of Guarantee. This vinegar is both DOP (Donominazione di Origine Protetta) and DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) certified.

Balsamina (Balsamic Jelly) Image

Balsamina (Balsamic Jelly)

The Cattani family developed this balsamic jelly especially for Rogers Collection. The thick, glass, wide-mouthed jar makes it a lovely gift.

Olivewood Balsamic Image

Olivewood Balsamic

This new premium vinegar is made from indigenous grapes from the Cattani’s own vineyard in the Modenese hills. It is aged for just over 8 years in oak and then finished in olivewood barrels.