Artisan Honeys Image

Artisan Honeys

From his various estates, the Marquis de Valdueza has decided to share four distinctly different products for the honey-lover’s delight. Since 1624, the landholdings of the Marquis de Valdueza have produced some of Spain’s finest honeys. Acutely sensitive to the environment, the Marquis’ family produces a honey easy on the digestion that has been used for…

Cumbre de Trujillo Image

Cumbre de Trujillo

A provocation for the senses, this pasteurized sheep’s milk semi-cured cheese is made according to a centuries-old shepherds’ recipe. It has an ivory-white appearance and small, irregular eyes sprinkling a creamy but consistent texture. Very aromatic, the touch to the mouth is soft, with a warm impression and a frank, but well-balanced taste. This cheese…

Red Wine Vinegar Image

Red Wine Vinegar

In 2007, the Marques de Valdueza estate set aside 3000 liters of their wine (a blend of Cabernet Savignon, Merlot and Syrah) to begin the fermentation process using traditional Orleans methods. The process begins in stainless steel tanks and then it goes into four-year-old French oak barrels for 20 months. 2012 marked the first year…

Merula Extra Virgin Olive Oil Image

Merula Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the same producer as our Marqués de Valdueza oil, Merula is also an early harvest oil that lends a versatility in the kitchen. It is made using the same olive varieties as the MdV oil, but they are specifically harvested and carefully blended to create the unique Merula personality. The name Merula comes from…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Image

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The region of Extremadura is renowned for its rare Morisca olive, and the Marqués de Valdueza extra virgin olive oil utilizes this variety, as well as the aromatic Arbequina. These olives have a lower fruit yield, but the fruit has immense flavor characteristics. Estate grown and pressed, this oil is made from the first early…

Mini-Retorta Image


Finca Pascualete Mini torta is a unique handcrafted cheese. Finca Pascualete’s exceptional and pure raw milk comes from its own flock of Extremadura Merino sheep. Located in an optimal environment of more than 4000 hectares it is one of the largest private properties in the South-Eastern part of Spain. Finca’s flock grazes on a variety…

Retorta Image


This is a unique handcrafted cheese made from pure raw milk from Finca’s own flock of Extremadura Merino sheep. Retorta is made with vegetable rennet using cardoon, a plant that grows freely throughout the estate. The flavor is delicate with a well-defined and persistent palate with hints of pistils of blue wild flower used in…

Pastura con Trufa Image

Pastura con Trufa

The best type of truffle cheese, Pastura con Trufa highlights the eye-opening notes in black truffle while not losing what’s special about the milk. Rich, buttery with notes of nutmeg, warmed milk and a hint of lanolin, this is a complex yet subtle gem.